Client: Averify

Expertise: Branding, Web Design

October 3, 2020

Starting Position

As a start-up fintech company, AVERIFY aim to be the leading smart contract service worldwide. AVERIFY enlisted ACL Creative Studio to create a new brand identity, as well as a simple splash page that reflects the brand’s vision and aesthetic.


We were asked to avoid a technology based look and use Bauhaus, a reduced-to-the-essence type of design, as the initial inspiration.


Branding – The new branding includes a dynamic logo that represents the calculations of their technology, as well as a colour palette of blues and off white and a simple, yet strong font. The ‘A’ in the logo becomes a design element, which completes the brand identity. Out of these different components a world of playful trustworthiness emerges.

Splash page – Reduced to the essential. A dynamic logo, one key message and the option to connect with AVERIFY.