Expertise: Branding, Print, Web Design

October 20, 2020

Starting Position

A newly formed experimental band called REALEYES asked ACL Creative Studio to come up with a concept for their branding and incorporate it to a landing page, vinyl cover, event poster alongside a small preview video to share a teaser of their soon-to-be-released music.


Create a professional look, that will allow a new project to be respected by industry veterans, whilst also capturing the same experimental feeling of the music in a visual form.


Vibrant, flowing, experimental – these words describe REALEYES’ new key visual. A multi-layered logo and a bold font with two faces: single and multi-layered, complete the identity of REALEYES.

With this set of design elements, ACL Creative Studio built a set of measures that follow the rule of keeping the design sleek and simple, but communicating the message with big typography.