Client: Training Camp

Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

October 18, 2020

Starting Position

As an established company working in IT security training for over twenty years Training Camp wanted to revitalise their brand identity helping to secure their business in a time of great uncertainty. They asked us to pitch a new concept.


Training Camp’s old system was clunky. lacking a personable and human element that connected the service provider to their target audience. We set out to create a brand that was human, whilst emphasising trust, seriousness and high level of professionalism.


Branding – Training Camp receives a sleek and simple letter mark as well as a reduced colour palette, representing their area of expertise. A new font that works with the logo alongside different handling of the typography freshens up their informative design measures.

Advertising – Training Camp previously tried to reach their target audience with humour based advertising campaigns, We created a reduced to the core messaging strategy using appealing images, bold typography and a short to-the-point message.

Landing Page – A new way of accessibility. Big fonts, bright imagery and lots of space for Training Camp’s new landing page. We transformed the old and dark letter mine website into an inviting space, where all necessary information is easy to find.