Why High-End Graphic Design is Vital to the Growth of your Business

When it comes to your business, it is essential you find a team or expert that can help you take your company to the next level. Many think it is optional to invest in this particular area of their business, but it is not! Whether you hire a graphic designer or not – it will impact your business in a multitude of ways.

The capability to communicate your business effectively with branding is intrinsically important. A brand designers knowledge and experience will help increase your chances of succeeding. It is a strategic move for the prosperity and security of your business.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Graphic Design is a Profession, Not a Hobby.


It takes years of study and many hours of experience to be successful in conveying messages, values and goals through design. You may have found someone low-cost without much experience; the value they will provide for you may sustain your business goals, but it will not necessarily drive it to new heights.

That’s why those who have the education and experience, and a portfolio of high-quality works, should be prioritised – even if they are more expensive than the other options. A graphic designer is taught to follow a process to utilize their knowledge in:


• Design Principles and Elements
• Design Psychology
• Design Theory
• Colour Theory
• Grids and Ratios
• Typography
• Design Concept and Systems


The list goes on…


These skills allow the expert to create and finalise a design that is appropriate for you whilst standing the test of time. Companies who don’t understand their visual mission and have low-end design will probably miss many chances of increasing their companies success, so here we posit a question: Do you want to be a company, who puts out content that is below-average, lacks consistency in branding and fails to express elements of your companies culture, whilst making you look like a “corner-cutter”? If the answer is no, then you are in the right place and just a few clicks away to contact us.

2. Save Time and (Gain) Money


As a business owner time and money are valuable commodities you don’t want to waste on bad results. Therefore investing in a graphic designer right off the bat is a great option. You may think a ‘do it yourself’ design will work, or that your cousins friend that dabbles in design will create a ‘good enough’ design – but it may end up costing you more, whether in additional designs or losing potential business opportunities.

The capability to produce a quality product tailored to you, is one of the designer’s expertise. Specialised companies are able to take advantage of their teams special skills, experience and knowledge in the industry. The knowledge, experience and awareness of a high-end designer will save you time and patience, whilst increasing the value and accessibility of your companies work.

You wouldn’t employ an electrician to do your plumbing – so why do it when it comes to graphic design? Not only that, but potential clients will question the reliability and quality of products or services you offer, all because you didn’t hire a professional.

Why would someone invest in your services or products if you can’t invest in them yourself?

3. Your Vision Becomes A Reality


Knowing what you want your business to be depicted as visually can be a struggle. You might want this particular message but also this colour scheme and then you have this and that bright idea – ending up in a creative haze.

The company you hire will take everything in and help you refine your vision and make it a reality. Defining your brand all comes down to a single concept:

The CI/CD (Corporate Identity & Corporate Design) that reinforces your message, service, values and communicates it clearly internally and externally. This is done by creating brand guidelines – a set of rules and systems explaining your brand. These brand guidelines allows your image to stay cohesive, throughout all time.

4. Strong Design = Higher Conversion Rates


A graphic designer is a must for the success of a business. We have all seen bad design and turned a blind eye. That’s because it isn’t appealing and drawing us in, so we reject it. Deep down we all know that appearance and good design affect our process of decision making. These days we eat with our eyes, shops with our eyes – why wouldn’t we invest with our eyes? Image and first impressions are everything. We form an instant opinion on what we see. The work your graphic design team will produce will dictate your potential clients first impressions and that will craft your reputation.

A strong and clean branding allows your customer to trust in your services and abilities. Dodgy at home designs make you and your business look cheap and unreliable. First impressions last. You only get one chance to impress future clients, so you need to make it a good one.

5. More Than Just an Image


Your concept is strategically created to convey your business visually to your target audience. The designer(s) need to take the time to understand a few things to ensure your branding image is successful.

These include:


• Product/service you are selling
• Culture of you business
• Target market
• Competition
• Your ideas
• Your needs


They will also make sure you are on trend. Styling and trends change overtime and alter depending on the industry. Your business needs to be on trend and ensuring it’s image never go’s out of date. They want the best for you and your business and their reputation is on the line if they don’t deliver!

6. Consistency of the Brand


The graphic design company you hire will allow your business to have a consistent image to the public. Whether it is letterheads, logos, brochures, web pages, signs, advertisements – they will make sure your image is eye-catching and consistent. The public will be able to recognize your business and remember it. From print to online – keeping everything cohesive will make your business look professional, organised and trustworthy convincing people to invest in your products or services.

Now, if you are still sitting on the fence about hiring a graphic designer for your business – here’s a few extra points to push you over:

 A graphic designer has connections in the industry. Whether it is high quality printers, signage companies, copywriters or web developers, they know who to go to and who to avoid. Saving you time, money, efforts and problems from dodgy work.

• The design created for your business is a visual stamp to stand out from the sea of competitors.

• Graphic design allows you to create your very own visual sales pitch.

• The power of branding – you recognize a color or logo but can’t remember where it is from so you search it? You can identify well-known logos like the big golden McDonald’s ‘M’ or the badge of a vehicle. That is what a graphic designer will do for you.

• These days people have shorter attention spans, busy lifestyles and so on. Grabbing your audiences attention with a strong brand image designed by a professional will ensure you continuously have business.

• The brand that your design company has produced for you not only affects the public’s view, but also affects your employees. Creating a solid company identity instills values, expectations and a sense of pride for the employees who work for you – this in turn makes them want to work to that standard, ensuring your business is always reaching above the expectations of clients.

There is a time and place for DIY, but this isn’t it. Hiring a professional or agency will be a huge part in turning your company into a success. Value yourself and your business enough to invest, so your potential clients will invest in you. The peace of mind for your businesses security and success depends on it.

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